Graduate Program

Educational Administration

Degree Name

Education Specialist (EdS)

Semester of Degree Completion


Thesis Director

Gerhard C. Matzner


An internship, by the writer, under the direction of Mr. Ronald L. Cope, superintendent of Palestine Community Unit School District No. 3, and Dr. G. C. Matzner of the Eastern Illinois University Department of School Service Personnel is summarized in this paper. Observations of the superintendent's duties, joint projects with the superintendent, and central office related activities by the writer are described.

The intern lists by week a field experience log from September 10, 1981 until April 26, 1982. Experiences and projects related to the superintendency are included. A study of recent school board meeting packets to activities the intern experienced as acting superintendent are listed.

Special projects by the writer are described and exemplified in the numerous appendixes. The first and largest project described is a curriculum project. The curriculum of Palestine High School is examined with comprehensive research and staff committee meetings which resulted in the first appendix. Appendix A includes the result of the curriculum study (e.g. a complete curriculum guide).

Another part of the paper describes a home environment study. The number of students residing with and not residing with both biological parents is examined. The relationship between discipline incidences and the home environment are being explored.

The school board and its meetings are also examined. School board meeting minutes, agendas, and special reports are examined, many of which the writer prepared or helped to prepare. The preparation of school board member packets is mentioned and some of the reports included in these packets are found in the appendixes.

A final section of the paper deals with the lunch program of Palestine Community Unit School District No. 3 at its high school and grade school. The price structure of meals, menus, and number of cafeteria personnel are examined. Changes in the cafeteria program, made by the writer, are discussed which includes meal prices, food offerings, personnel, and student preference surveys.