Degree Name

Master of Arts (MA)

Semester of Degree Completion


Thesis Director

Al R. Moldroski


This graduate thesis deals with my feelings and interpretation of the nude female figure in my drawings, paintings, and sculpture pieces; as well as the representations of other artists. The unique aspect about this special object is the broad range of interest it has created through the years. Since the female figure has such great versatility it can be viewed from a realistic portrayal as well as from a complete abstraction, and still be creatively effective.

My intentions in this paper are to discuss other artists and my own work in relation to the female figure. The main portion of the thesis is an expression and description of my own work. Pictures of my drawings, paintings, and sculptures are included.

My interpretation of the nude female figure is different from that of other artists simply because each individual has different views, concepts, and moral values. I was amazed at the versatility in which other artists, past and present, have used the human form as a creative expression of their art. In my work I use the figure simply for design.

My art works in drawing, painting, and sculpture have definite traits that are characteristic of my own style. There are many areas in my drawings that make up my particular style, the most prominent being the female figure. In most of my drawings only a frontal or backside view of the torso is showing. The torso, carefully placed in my drawings, is usually the focal point. The nude torso appears very sensual with the use of soft and delicate shadows which bring out the human quality in the figure. A surrounding atmosphere does much to complement the figure. Lines, textures, and open space provide good contrast up against the soft contour shape of the figure in the background of my drawings. Photographs of five pencil drawings are included in the paper.

The style of my painting is developed from my drawings. Most of my paintings have some form of the female figure, usually centering on the torso. I simplify the figure by using less color, line, shape, and definition. My color schemes consist of four basic colors: blue, red, black, and white. White is added to all colors to develop a pastel effect.

The main concern in my paintings was to develop a simple study of the female figure that captures the soft and rounded forms, and also creates a meaningful expression. Photographs of four of my paintings are included in the paper.

I have also included in the paper pictures and descriptions of three sculptures: two redwood and one walnut figure studies.

Artists have used the nude female figure as their theme for thousands of years. There are entirely too many of these artists to mention in detail. I have chosen a few in each of the three categories that I admire and whose work I could relate to.

In the area of drawing I discuss the style of Alexander Archipenko, Pablo Picasso, Toulouse Lautrec, and Auguste Rodin.

Picasso and Rodin, along with Pierre Renoir, are three artists whose paintings I greatly admire. Descriptions of their painting styles are included in the paper.

Archipenko, Picasso, and Rodin influenced my style of sculpting. Characteristics of their sculptures are included in this work.

Other artists, past and present, have motivated me to continue my creative feelings concerning the female figure as an art form. What I tried to acoomplish in my drawings, paintings, and sculpture pieces was a way of bringing out the human quality of the female figure; but more importantly was the way I wanted to do it. I wanted to develop a style that had a professional quality.