Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)

Semester of Degree Completion


Thesis Director

Charles B. Arzeni


An extensive field survey of the Rocky Branch Nature Preserve in Clark County, Illinois, revealed a total of 52 bryophyte species. Of these, 38 were mosses and 14 were liverworts. Descriptions, habitats and distribution comments, plus a map showing the county distributions for each species in Illinois are included.

As a result of this survey, the liverwort Nardia lescurii (Aust.) Underw. is a new addition to the bryoflora of Illinois. There were also several other bryophytes found that were previously unreported for Clark County or the Rocky Branch Nature Preserve. These include Rhynchostegium pulchellum (Hedw.) Robins var. pulchellum, Isopterygium tenerum (Sw.) Mitt., Sphagnum girgensohnii Russ., Jamesoniella autumnalis (DeCand.) Steph. and Geocalyx graveolens (Schrad.) Nees. Two bryophytes that were reported by Vaughan (1941) but not by Arzeni (1947) were relocated. These are the moss Hookeria acutifolia Hook. and the liverwort Solenostoma crenuliformis (Aust.) Steph. The specimens for all the bryophyte species collected are housed in the Stover Herbarium at Eastern Illinois University, Charleston, Illinois.

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Bryology Commons