Degree Name

Master of Science in Education (MSEd)

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Thesis Director

Andrew R. Brulle


The purpose of this study was to determine a set of test-retest reliability coefficients of the Valpar Pre-vocational Readiness Battery, Component 17, Subtest 3, Vocational Interest Screening for both male and female students receiving direct special education services at a rural high school in central Illinois. A sample was drawn on 25 subjects who were diagnosed as having learning disabilities, mental retardation, or social-economic educational handicaps and who were enrolled in the special education funded cooperative work training program at the school. Research was conducted on 16 males and 9 females (mean age = 17.1) who were administered the Valpar Vocational Interest Screening under identical circumstances over a 30-day test-retest interval. Using a weighted kappa statistic, a chance-corrected product-moment correlation was obtained as an indicator of individual subject and test-retest reliability. Though highly scattered, correlation coefficients centered at .6 for the male group and .61 for the female group and were found to be significant at the .05 level. The results indicated that the Valpar VIS is a moderately reliable vocational interest measurement within an undefined special education population. Implications for future research were discussed.

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