Degree Name

Master of Arts (MA)

Semester of Degree Completion


Thesis Director

Hannah Eads


The true nature of this work is to show that integration of visual art is taking place in the Illinois High Schools. This conclusion is the result of a survey sent out to a group of Illinois High Schools. The results show that the Central and Southern Illinois High Schools have more integration of academic subjects incorporated in their curriculum compared to Northern Illinois High Schools. Yet integration of other art subjects are taught more in the Northern Illinois High Schools then the Central or Southern Illinois High Schools. Physical Education proved to be the subject least likely to be integrated. Social Studies, Literature and Creative Writing showed the most positive responses of academic subjects. The arts subject that was least likely to be integrated by either group was dance movement. The three most likely to be integrated arts were senses, sound/music and literature/poetry. This paper also shows the most common teaching approach used by both groups is emphasis on elements and principles of design.

The responses were then divided by school size. This paper will show that small schools integrate academic subjects more than medium or large schools. It will also show medium sized schools integrating other art subjects more than small or large schools. Small and large schools both chose physical education as the academic subject least integrated. The medium sized schools show composition as the least integrated academic subject. In the integration of other arts all groups integrated dance/movement least. The most integrated arts are senses, literature/poetry and music/sound. None of the three goups had them ranked in the same order. In the category of teaching approach all groups chose emphasis on elements and principle of design.

The final chapter of this thesis examines many articles published that show integration taking place most the articles are project orientated. Many involve social studies. Other subjects are science, language arts, the senses, poetry, film and a musical.