Graduate Program

Natural Sciences

Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)

Semester of Degree Completion


Thesis Director

Steven W. Daniels


This paper presents a unit plan for effective implementation of a holography learning activity in the secondary science physics classroom. The study of holography has traditionally been limited to collegiate optics courses due to financial and physical constraints. Recent developments in the technology of holographic film has eliminated these two limiting factors. Recent secondary educators who have introduced holography with their secondary science classes have completed the activities, without much discussion or explanation regarding the scientific principles that allow the phenomenon to occur. In this paper we develop a foundational unit plan that finishes with holography as the pinnacle activity, which a secondary physics teacher can complete in a twelve day progression. The foundations of the unit plan incorporate instructional activities on topics including multidimensional wave interference, simple atomic theory and quantum effects. The implementation of this holography unit was completed during the Spring 2016 semester in the AP Physics 1 course at Oak Forest High School (OFHS). Twelve students of that course participated in the unit plan and feedback and assessment information is presented.