Degree Name

Master of Science in Education (MSEd)

Semester of Degree Completion


Thesis Director

Marylin Lisowski


This study was designed to obtain a descriptive profile of teachers who were recipients of a Master of Science in Education degree in the field of Elementary Education at Eastern Illinois University. Specific background and attitudinal information was gathered from questionnaire responses.

The Master's Program Evaluation Instrument (MPE) was developed as the means of obtaining information on teachers’: perceptions of specific aspects of their master's program; plans for professional development; and satisfaction with the teaching profession. Questions written on the MPE instrument were carefully selected through a review of related literature and were validated through jury review. The instrument was revised four times as a result of jury recommendations. Changes were made in format, wording, and in the number of items.

The MPE was mailed to all recipients of a Master of Science degree in the field of Elementary Education, from Eastern Illinois University. The time period targeted for the investigation was 1983 through 1988. A one time mailing (N=202) produced fifty percent (N=101) return rate.

Overall, the aspects surveyed from the Master of Science in Education Program at Eastern Illinois University in the field of Elementary Education were considered satisfactory by the respondents. A descriptive study of program participants produced a profile of graduates who were white females between 26 and 40 years of age, who earned a bachelor’s degree in four years and, who earned a master’s degree within three years. Nearly half of the graduates surveyed indicated that they viewed the master’s degree as a terminal degree. Respondents plans for professional development included developing curriculum, attending conferences and workshops, and continuing graduate coursework. Many of the graduates were satisfied with their professional growth and with teaching as a career. Over half of the teachers responding planned to teach for 15 years or more. Levels of statistical significance were not found for satisfaction with: the master’s degree program; teaching as a career; and professional development.