Degree Name

Education Specialist (EdS)

Semester of Degree Completion


Thesis Director

Beverly Findley


This field experience examines how 21 selected Illinois unit district high schools have maintained their elective/vocational enrollments with the 1985 increase in college admission requirements. The 21 high schools identified had a student population between 700 and 1000. A questionnaire was sent to each school requesting information regarding their master schedule. Questions specifically requested data on number of class periods, length of class periods, number of graduation units, faculty teaching load, class maximums and minimums, and percent of college-bound students in respective schools. This data was analyzed through comparative data tables to identify potential solutions or trends high schools are utilizing to address the declining elective/vocational enrollments. Responses from all 21 high schools in this study enabled an accurate analysis to occur within the established limitations. Findings tended to support recommendations of a master schedule with at least seven periods with 50 minute class periods, with students enrolled in six courses per day, graduation requirements reflecting passage of six courses per semester, faculty option of teaching five or six classes, and flexible classroom maximums and minimums to allow for financial limitations of a district.