Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)

Semester of Degree Completion


Thesis Director

Andrew S. Methven


As part of a biosystematic study of Panus conchatus (Bull.: Fr.) Fr., North American and European herbarium specimens from the Field Museum and the University of Michigan were examined and a description of the taxon prepared. Tissue and single spore isolates were obtained from basidiocarps collected in Illinois. Single and polyspore isolates were obtained from a collection made in Switzerland by R. H. Petersen. Culture mat analyses were completed on several media and the taxonomic value of cultural characters assessed. Based on this study, the identification of somatic cultures by cultural characteristics is unlikely. Single spore isolates from the Illinois collection were crossed in all possible combinations and the mating system was determined to be tetrapolar. Tester strains from the Illinois and Switzerland collections were crossed and North American and European populations found to be intercompatible. This data indicates that these populations were contaxic and that there are more than four alleles controlling intercompatibility in this taxon. Cultures were also inoculated with nematodes in order to determine if this taxon produces nematode trapping devices. This study indicates that nematode trapping devices are not produced. In order to complete a study of basidiocarp development an attempt to determine the conditions necessary for basidiocarp induction was undertaken. Although mature basidiocarps were not produced, this study suggests that an extended cold treatment is necessary for primordia initiation.