Degree Name

Education Specialist (EdS)

Semester of Degree Completion


Thesis Director

Beverly Findley


In recent years, new methods of evaluating teachers have been introduced and recommended by educational experts.

This study was conducted to determine the methods and procedures currently used in three midwestern states to evaluate secondary education teachers and to investigate secondary school principals' perceptions regarding those methods and procedures.

The study, which took place during the spring of 1996, included a survey of a random sample of 300 secondary school principals in Illinois, Iowa and Indiana through the National Association of Secondary School Principals.

One hundred and fifty-six principals responded to the survey which found that although principals agreed that alternative evaluation methods such as portfolios and video tapes were excellent ways to evaluate teachers, only 17% actually used them. The respondents also indicated that student test scores should not be used to evaluate teachers, but that multiple methods of evaluation for tenured teachers should be used.