Degree Name

Master of Arts (MA)

Semester of Degree Completion


Thesis Director

Alicia M. Neal


Intended as a resource for band conductors, this essay provides background information, composer biographical information, and salient features of four wind band compositions. The compositions include two works composed for band by award winning composers. Two others are transcriptions and arrangements of works originally composed for orchestra or other mediums. The pieces include Colorado Peaks composed by Dana Wilson, Commando March composed by Samuel Barber, Blessed Are They by Johannes Brahms - Arranged by Barbara Buehlman, and Spoon River composed by Percy Grainger - arranged by Glenn Cliffe Bainum. Topics include an examination of flexible scoring and compositional style in Dana Wilson's Colorado Peaks, historical context, thematic development, and orchestrational practices in Samuel Barber's Commando March, text painting and significance of liturgical text in Brahms's German Requiem, as it applies to Barbara Buehlman's arrangement Blessed Are They, and comparison of themes and counter themes in Percy Grainger's Spoon River.

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Music Commons