Degree Name

Education Specialist (EdS)

Semester of Degree Completion


Thesis Director

Beverly Findley


The intent of the study was to collect data concerning the perceptions of Illinois public school administrators in districts south of Interstate 80 in the following areas:

1. Current condition of educational facilities.

2. Funding sources available for renovation of facilities.

3. Strategies of the district to address deterioration of school buildings.

4. The impact of the current building conditions on the educational process.

Results were obtained through the use of a questionnaire sent to 170 administrators who were responsible for educational structures. One hundred and twenty-one administrators returned the questionnaire for a response rate of 71%. Respondents indicated that their school buildings were in need of major renovations in the following areas: (a) instructional space--84%; (b) plumbing--73%; (c) athletic space, air flow and air conditioning--72%; (d) lighting--70%; (e) consistent heating--65%; and (t) adequate wiring--59%.

Conclusions drawn from the results of the study follow:

1. A majority of the administrators answering the questionnaire were housed in facilities that were from 50 to 90 years old. This gave the respondents a valid basis for their opinions in evaluating the relationship between the age of the structure and maintenance planning needed to keep the facilities in good working condition.

2. Districts were complying with Illinois guidelines to maintain safe facilities by having the buildings inspected on a yearly basis.

3. The Regional Offices of Education were available to assist in understanding areas of maintenance deficiencies as set by Illinois guidelines.

4. Administrators' presence at the yearly inspections showed that they were actively maintaining a working knowledge of the condition of the facilities.

5. Administrators needed to build a foundation of understanding for their district concerning the condition of the facilities and the need for renovation or replacement.

6. School board members were concerned about the conditions of the buildings and did attempt to keep themselves informed.

The recommendations of the researcher were that Illinois school administrators should focus on the following areas:

1. Educate the public concerning the real condition of their educational structures.

2. Demand that state legislators set aside monies for educational facilities that could not be used for mandated educational programs.

3. Campaign for and support a change in the tax structure that funds the public educational system through increased sales taxes, lottery funds or licensing of gambling establishments.

4. Establish a building watch program that has the same credibility as the budgetary watch program currently in place in Illinois.