Graduate Program

School Psychology

Degree Name

Specialist in School Psychology

Semester of Degree Completion


Thesis Director

J. Michael Havey


The Children's Skills Test (CST) is an aptitude and achievement test for children in grades Kindergarten through Nine, developed from the American School Psycho-Educational Assessment Battery (ASPAB). It is designed for home administration via the computer, and no examiner is present. At this time, no technical information has been released regarding the CST, nor has any research been published.

The Kaufman Brief Intelligence Test (K-BIT) is a brief measure of general intelligence with sound technical properties. It is administered by an examiner. The K-BIT has been correlated with the Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children, Third Edition (WISC-III), the most commonly used comprehensive measure of general intelligence.

This study examined the correlations between the CST, a new instrument, and the K-BIT, a well-researched instrument, to determine the construct validity of the CST-Aptitude Test. The magnitude of any significant correlations was examined, as were the standard score differences between the instruments.

Results indicated that CST composite, verbal, and nonverbal scores correlated significantly with the K-BIT scores. However, the magnitude of these correlations varied, and significant standard score differences were found between CST and K-BIT scores. In general, it was concluded that the CST was not suitable for use by parents or school psychologists at this time. This determination was made due to the lack of reliability and validity information available regarding the CST, and due to the significant score differences found between the CST and the K-BIT.