Degree Name

Education Specialist (EdS)

Semester of Degree Completion


Thesis Director

David E. Bartz


This study was conducted to determine the effective elements needed to implement a full-day kindergarten program at Armstrong-Ellis Grade School, a rural district located in northwestern Vermilion County. It was designed by first looking at how to implement change in a system. After the steps for change were determined, the elements for effective implementation were incorporated into the change process. These elements were established by analyzing the related literature and research.

It was determined that to introduce change within a system a three-step process was needed. These steps are mobilization, implementation, and institutionalization. All three steps are examined in the review of the literature and research and are considered integral components of the change process. The first step, mobilization, is relevant to information to answer the objective of this study which is: What elements are necessary in a full-day kindergarten program that are likely to enhance effective implementation in its initial year?

The mobilization process includes several key elements necessary for implementation These elements are (a) identifying the need for change, (b) marshaling support, (c) assessing the political climate, and (d) developing strategies for implementation. Developing strategies for implementation was divided into developing a systematic philosophy and addressing administrative issues. A step-by-step process was given for each of the elements in the mobilization process.

One conclusion made was the selection of the study committee would need to be diverse and would need to present a final report looking at the impact of implementing a full-day program. Another conclusion was the need to update the current curriculum in order to provide a stronger program. Other key elements to consider when implementing a full-day kindergarten program were (a) staff consideration, (b) room location, (c) health and nutritional issues, (d) cost analysis, and (e) staff development plan.

Armstrong-Ellis Grade School needs to consider implementing a full-day kindergarten program to help strengthen the total educational system. As this process is put into effect, Armstrong-Ellis Grade School will also need to continue to analyze the other two steps as each are completed. Finally, other practitioners may want to further study these two other components of the change process.