Graduate Program

School Psychology

Degree Name

Specialist in School Psychology

Semester of Degree Completion


Thesis Director

J. Michael Havey


Practicing school psychologists were surveyed including those working within the Flexible Service Delivery System (FSDS) and traditional settings. The questionnaires were completed by 91 school psychologists from throughout Illinois and Indiana. Participants completed questionnaires examining their specific role and function as a practicing school psychologist. Specific roles that each respondent was asked to rank used a Likert scale consisting of (1) Standardized Testing, (2) Curriculum Based Assessment, (3) Individual Therapy, (4) Group Therapy/Social Skills Training, (5) Consultation with Teachers, (6) Consultation with Parents, (7) Organizational Consultation, (8) Conducting Research, (9) Classroom Intervention, (10) Pre-referral Meetings, (11) Psychological Reports, and (12) Participation in IEP Meetings. Results include traditional psychologists reporting higher ratings than FSDS psychologists in conducting assessment, writing psychological reports, and participation IEP meetings. Further, results show FSDS psychologists rated they spent more time collecting CBA data than traditional psychologists. In addition, implications for future research and limitations of the study are discussed.