Graduate Program

Clinical Psychology

Degree Name

Master of Arts (MA)

Semester of Degree Completion


Thesis Director

Russell E. Gruber


With the growing numbers of acts of misconduct that are committed in our country each year, it is important to find possible predictors of these behaviors. Because locus of control is a stable characteristic that is central to how an individual perceives causes of action, it is one construct that shows promise for predicting acts of misconduct. One hundred and forty college students answered two questionnaires: a locus of control scale called the Internality, Powerful Others, and Chance Scales and a Self Report Acts of Misconduct Index which was created for this study. A Pearson's Correlation was conducted comparing scores on the two measures in order to examine the relationship between acts of misconduct and each of the three locus of control subscales. The results revealed a relationship between gender and acts of misconduct with males committing more acts of misconduct than females. The results also show a significant relationship between high scores on the chance scale and acts of misconduct in males. Implications for future research and limitations of the current study are discussed.