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Clinical Psychology

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Master of Clinical Psychology

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Russell E. Gruber


Given the significant controversy regarding parapsychology and the study of psi phenomena, there appear to be opportunities to improve design in parapsychological experimentation through the use of more sensitive and reliable means of measurement. The current study was an attempt to introduce a design that employs time as an outcome measurement, the use of groups and individuals as opposed to just individuals, and the use of more specific and focused content through the use of problem-solving tasks, in an attempt to create a sensitive and replicable experiment in telepathy. Twenty-three undergraduate participants completed 12 trials each by finding targets in complex drawings of visual noise. A group of research assistants was employed as telepathic senders. Each subject completed both telepathically facilitated trials and control trials. Comparisons of means comparing facilitated with control conditions within subjects were conducted. Correlation between belief in psi phenomena and performance on trials was tested. Evidence was not generated for the presence of an effect of telepathic facilitation on performance nor of belief on performance. Discussion includes limitations in design, more effective use of materials, and future directions for research.

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