Graduate Program


Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)

Semester of Degree Completion


Thesis Director

Rigoberto Chinchilla

Thesis Committee Member

Rendong Bai

Thesis Committee Member

Wutthigrai Boonsuk


This study was designed with the purpose to create an online method to deploy the concepts and practical knowledge necessary for the course System Simulation {TEC 5523) offered by Eastern Illinois University. The course is currently offered on a hybrid format, with part of it being ministered in the classroom and the remaining on the online environment. This research focused on creating a set of multimedia and step-by-step lessons aimed to substitute the part of the course that demands the students to be present in the classroom. These lessons were developed based on exercises from the textbook currently used for this class, and were selected in order to guarantee that the key concepts of this course were transmitted to the students. The lessons that resulted from this research were then tested and evaluated by a few students that did not have previous contact with the systems simulation topic. These students were enrolled in the Master of Science program at Eastern Illinois University. The results of this evaluation show that the multimedia lessons and step-by-step guides that resulted from this research are successful in guiding the students in the execution of the lessons that were selected as part of the material.