Graduate Program


Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)

Semester of Degree Completion


Thesis Director

David W. Melton

Thesis Committee Member

Peter Ping Liu

Thesis Committee Member



The purpose of this study was to provide a better understanding of classroom training with regard to renewable energies. A lecture series and survey were developed by the principle researcher and presented to students in the Alternative and Renewable Energy Systems class and Machine Design class at Eastern Illinois University. The lecture series introduced students to biomass gasification and its application at Eastern Illinois University. The survey analyzed participant's level of knowledge of gasification technologies. The survey's pre and post test scores were used to validate the effectiveness of the training.

The All Power Labs Power Pallet was utilized as a training tool for gasification technology. Participants were exposed to identical training lectures. The treatment group observed the operation of the device; the control group participated only in classroom training. Results of this study indicate that the general principles of gasification technology are appropriate material for introductory level undergraduate students. Post test scores indicate that the training lectures did have a significant effect on the level of knowledge of participants.

Data indicates that the All Power Labs Power Pallet did not have a significant positive effect on the post test scores of students in the treatment group. Recommendations for practice related to training evaluation as well as recommendations for further research are discussed.