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Master of Science (MS)

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Radu F. Semeniuc

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Previous research into the oxidation and reduction of strontium titanate and the changes that result from this has been carried out. The oxidation and reduction of strontium titanate at high temperatures and high pressures has been investigated for the effect that it has upon the surface topography of strontium titanate and the chemical makeup of the strontium titanate. Research into the electrochemical oxidation of perovskites, similar in structure to that of strontium titanate, have even provided evidence pointing to the identity of the oxygen species being incorporated into the strontium titanate.

This research seeks to investigate what changes occur to both the surface topography of strontium titanate and its chemical makeup upon electrochemical modification using atomic force microscopy and XPS spectroscopy respectively. The effects of varying the potential applied to the sample and the time that the sample was exposed to the potential were also investigated by exposing samples of strontium titanate to various potentials for various lengths of time.

The end result of this electrochemical modification was the observation that an exposure to a positive potential, and only a positive potential, causes triangular crystals of titanium dioxide to appear upon the surface of the strontium titanate where the sample was clipped to serve as the working electrode. It was also found that larger potentials being applied for greater lengths of time increases crystal size, number, and packing density. These triangular crystals were identified as being rutile titanium dioxide by X-ray diffraction testing. XPS spectroscopy reveled that some change was occurring with the oxygen present in the samples.

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