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School Psychology

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Specialist in School Psychology

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Thesis Director

Assege HaileMariam

Thesis Committee Member

Marjorie Hanft

Thesis Committee Member

Ronan S. Bernas


The present study examined the knowledge adolescents have about suicide warning signs. Participants included 188 students (79% female and 21% male), 18 to 20 years old, from a Midwestern University. Participants anonymously completed an online survey. Results indicated that adolescents did not show knowledge of suicide warning signs. They also did not correctly identify suicide risk levels in three scenarios. Furthermore, direct exposure to suicide was not related to adolescents' knowledge of suicide warning signs or risk factors; however, adolescents who looked up information about suicide online were better at identifying suicide warning signs. Finally, those who had a family or friend express thoughts of suicide had decreased suicidal ideation. Results, limitations, and implications of the study and future research directions are discussed.

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Psychology Commons