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Communication Studies

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Master of Arts (MA)

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This project reports on the development and execution of a series of webisodes to promote study abroad through the discussion of pre-production, production, and post-production phases of video production. The target countries were New Zealand and Australia. The pre­production phase includes a review of previous research on study abroad with an emphasis on the issues and tactics used to encourage students to venture overseas. It also includes a summary report of qualitative and quantitative research conducted to identify specific Eastern Illinois University student's concerns about study abroad. The production section summarizes the actual fieldwork for this project. The post-production section outlines what was done after returning. The final section summarizes what was learned from this effort and identifies future actions to encourage study abroad. The primary vehicle to communicate this message was a series of eight webisodes.

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Central Queensland University Webisode

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Massey University Webisode

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University of Otago Webisode

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General Study Abroad Webisode

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Excursion Webisode

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New Zealand and Austrailia Webisode

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