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Playwright: Tennessee Williams

Directors: Miranda Buob (Long Goodbye), Bill Stinde (Pink Bedroom), Richard Guss (These Are The Stairs You Got To Watch)

Set Design: William Richardson

Costume Design: Austin Scavone (Long Goodbye), Hillary Shields (Pink Bedroom, These Are The Stairs You Got To Watch)

Photographs/Program/Reviews: Available Here

Plot Synopsis

The Long Goodbye is a 1940 one act that deals with the male main character's memories of his life from when his family consisted of four people through his father leaving the family, his mother's death, and his sister's fall from grace. The scheme of the play consists of the main character moving out of the apartment he grew up in while experiencing extreme flashbacks of both terrible and glorious moments in his past. -Wikipedia

In The Pink Bedroom the Woman berates her tedious, negligent lover whom she knows has two-timed her. As the quarrel reaches a crescendo, she turns him out and slams the door on him. Then'she calls to his replacement, a younger man, who's waiting in the other room …

These Are The Stairs You Got To Watch: Carl, veteran usher at the third-rate Joy Rio Cinema, is showing the ropes to a schoolboy, newly hired to work in the summer holidays. the boy is introduced to the sleazy workings of the cinema by being instructed not to let patrons go upstairs. However, the patrons are hell-bent on going upstairs, including the seductive Gladys who's determined to get the boy to follow her.


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