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Playwright: Horton Foote

Director: Paul Martin

Set Design: Molly Manhart

Costume Design: Miranda Buob

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Plot Synopsis

A touching and very funny study of what befalls a fluttery, well-meaning aunt when she tries to arrange a date for her visiting (and uncooperative) niece. The setting is the living room of Robert and Dolores Henry's home in Harrison, Texas; the time 1929. Dolores, once a high-school beauty queen, is now the scourge of her henpecked husband, who comes home from the office hungry and tired to find that there will be no dinner tonight. The reason is that Dolores has, at last, been able to arrange a date for her visiting niece, Sarah Nancy, and she wants Robert out of the way. But the young man, a would-be mortician, goes out the window as the bookish, rebellious Sarah Nancy refuses to play the flirtation game and, instead, makes it abundantly (and hilariously) clear that she considers Felix to be a boring oaf. Sarah Nancy's attitude delights her uncle as much as it distresses her aunt, who retires from the field with a sudden sick headache. However, the two young people, left alone by their nosy elders, find a common interest at last—and, as the curtain falls, they are contentedly, and wordlessly, poring over a stack of wonderfully corny old high-school yearbooks. -Dramatists Play Service


Theatre Arts, Productions, 2012, Blind Date


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