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In the summer of 2019, three history teachers from all over the US, met in France for National History Day’s Memorializing the Fallen program and commenced a lasting friendship. While in France, touring the WWI cemeteries, memorial sites, and museums, we all realized the importance of experience-based learning and the seeds were sown for our interest in object based learning. Aside from the philosophical and pedagogical discussions on long bus rides and our passion for history, we shared a belief in the importance of revitalizing history education and helping it to evolve in the face of our twenty-first century world. When we returned back from France we kept in touch and continued to think of ways we could collaborate and work together. Covid-19 provided us that opportunity. With history education and teachers in general having to become more familiar with Google Meets, Zoom, and other video based platforms we decided to get together and have a Zoom session. As we talked and discussed what each of us were doing we found that we all to varying degrees believe in and utilize object based learning in our classrooms. We decided that other teachers could benefit from using objects in their classrooms. So, we decided we would model the technique and lines of questioning that go into using objects in a classroom.

For this journal we would like to discuss how we came together, our passion for object based learning, and how, despite the disruption COVID-19 brought to all of our school years and classes, it also provided us the opportunity to come together and create content and resources that could help teachers now and whenever we get back into the classroom.