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Interview on the Peaceful World Movement show

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On March 6th 2012, Maurice Hayes was Dr. Peter K. B. St. Jean's guest for the Peaceful World Movement's show entitled "Peaceful World Movement in Focus." Mr. Hayes is an author and motivational speaker who has just returned from prison after spending 17.5 years for first degree murder.

His testimony really raises the question of whether rehabilitation can indeed occur in prison, and if so, how is that possible. He seems to be a testament of the active role that individuals themselves, and their social network can play in the change of mentality, attitude, and behavior that precede successful rehabilitation.

Mr. Hayes is one of Dr. St. Jean's "Relationship Intelligence" students at St. Leonard's House Ministries where he has been volunteering for the last three years. Be sure to watch the entire show, listen to the comments from the callers, and leave some words of encouragement for Maurice and others like him who seek to make a better future for themselves, their family, and their community. Also, enjoy his poetry.