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Debra A. Reid grew up on an Illinois farm 77 miles north of Cairo and completed a B.S. degree at Southeast Missouri State University in Cape Girardeau, 33 miles north and across the Mississippi River from Cairo. Her research has focused on rural southern history, i.e. Reaping a Greater Harvest: African Americans, the Extension Service and Rural Reform in Jim Crow Texas (2007). She has explored issues of race in upland southern borderlands, and in rural and urban context [see Beyond Forty Acres and a Mule: African Americans Landowning Farm Families since Reconstruction (co-edited by Reid with Evan P. Bennett, 2012) and “‘The Whitest of Occupations’?: African Americans in the Rural Midwest, 1940-2010,” in the Rural Midwest since World War II (edited by J. L. Anderson, 2014)]. She also investigates the past in popular or collective memory. From that vantage point, the “other side of the 1960s” remains palpable.


Debra Reid, Booth Library, 1960s, Exhibits

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