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Many teachers of industrial arts have emphasized the industrial phase of industrial arts and have tended to neglect the art element in designing articles. Projects used in industrial arts should not only be strong and durable in construction, but they should also be pleasing to look at and modern in designo It should be understood that the project in the field of indus-trial arts is not the end product but is rather a means, a technique, or a method of teaching the basic understandings, information, and processes concerning industry. However, even though the project is not the end result, this does not mean that it should be neglected or used unwisely. In any course the techniques and methods of teaching should be constantly evaluated and revised to keep them up to date. Since the project is a method of teaching certain aspects of industrial arts, it too should be constantly evaluated~ If students are to be taught the basic understandings of industry, we, as industrial arts teachers, must not forget that design is a very important part of industry and should be ·a part of the project.

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