Every candidate who is granted the degree, Master of Science in Education, must present evidence of his ability to conduct an independent study and to report his findings in writing of a quality appropriate to the master's degree level of maturity. The report must be in a style and form acceptable in formal writing. It is recommended that the subject of the paper grow out of an aspect of Group II of the candidate's program of studies. The candidate may elect one of two plans for satisfying this requirement... Plan B. Candidates electing to complete requirements under this plan may submit a term paper from a course in Group II in fulfillment of the requirement. To be acceptable for this purpose, the paper must be so certified by the candidate's adviser and the instructor of the course in which the paper is submitted. It is required that the original copy of the paper submitted under Plan B, appropriately bound, be deposited in the office of the Dean of the Graduate School. From the Graduate Bulletin 1965-1967


Theses/Dissertations from 1959

A Guidance Program for Tuscola Community High School, William P. Butkovich

A Nine Week Course Syllabus for Wood Working in Ninth Grade, Dane C. Henderson

A Follow-Up Study of Industrial Arts Graduates from 1952 to 1958, Marion Kleiss

Criteria for the Construction of Evaluation Instruments to be Used in Industrial Arts Classes, G.E. Maloney

City Management, James L. Summers

Reading Improvement for University Students, Algury D. Swisher

Supervisory Functions of the Elementary Principal, Eli H. Webb

Plastics in the School Shop, Kenneth D. Wendling

A Curriculum Comparison of Parochial and Public Schools in the Area of Eastern Illinois University, Joseph Richard Whiston

Developing Word Recognition in the Second Grade, Doris I. S. Wiley

An Analysis of the First National Bank of Memphis, Tennessee, Billy D. Williams

Theses/Dissertations from 1958

Kitimat of Alcan, James Alexander

An Exploration into American Leathercraft, Albert C. Bartels

A Survey on In-Science Training in Two Counties in East-Central Illinois, Robert J. Benefiel

Proposed Music Program for the Public Schools of Hoopeston, Merrill Wilbur Bone

Objective Observation- An Evaluating Instrument, Dwight Jr. L. Chapman

The Decatur Public School Speech Correction Program: Past, Present, and Future, Barbara Heise Clark

The Boy Scouts as a Recreational Agency, David Donald Cohrs

The Supervisory Role of the Elementary Principal, Betty Lou Cole

The Nature and Improvement of Listening Skills, J. L. Crites

The Role of the Homemaking Program for the Eighth Grade Girl with Special Reference to the Altamont Junior high School, Erma Devore

The Development of Recreation in National Parks of the United States, Howard Edinger

Visual Aids for the Mathematics Classroom, Donald Lee Evitt

Charles A. Bennett: American Pioneer of Industrial Education, Robert H. Gilpin

Curriculum Development and A Review of the Sullivan Unit #300, Loren Jenne

An Historical - Geographical Survey of Vermilion County, Ruth Karen

The Purchase and Care of Athletic Equipment, Victor R. Landers

Plastic Fabrication Methods of Industry and the School Shop, Donald F. Lang

A History of Federal Aid to Education, Rosemarie Orlea Lang

A Suggested Training Program for Baseball, John Thomas McDevitt

Controlled Observation as an Evaluation Instrument in Industrial Arts Classes, Marion E. McDonald

Trends in Music Supervision, Ronald W. Miethe

Evaluating Selected Areas of Student Acheivement through Project Analysis, Dale Stretch

Speech in the Curriculum and its Guidance Function, Evelyn C. Tatge

Theses/Dissertations from 1957

Duties of School Board Members, Leo C. Baker

Implications of Automation for Industrial Arts Education, Victor E. Bell

The Parallel Development of the Apprenticeship System and Society, Felician A. Bright

A Study of Some Aspects in the Teaching of Woodwind Instruments, James Ray Brooks

The Application of a Philosophy of Physical Educaion to the Teaching of Modern Dance, Ruth Carey

A Proposed Course Guide for Junior High Crafts, Charles W. Cole

Plankton Study of the Eastern Illinois State College Campus Lake, Charles E. Compton

A Study of the Relationship of Vergil to Homer, Frances Russell Danforth

An Evaluation of Marital and Familial Advice In a Popular Journal, John D. Davies

Plastics, Ralph D. Fitch

Children's Fears, Donald Lee Griesemer

Techniques of Music Camp Conductors: Eastern Illinois State College Summer, 1954 - Summer, 1957, Vance H. Kercheval

Public Relations in School Administration, Leland Ross Martin

The Prediction of Pupil Success in Algebra and Geometry, Robert B. McCarty

Application and Utilization of Audio Visual Materials in the Ninth Grade General Shop Program, Charles Julian Miller

Justice of the Peace and Police Magistrate Courts in the City of Charleston, Illinois, Herman Monts

A Guide for the Administration in the Establishment or Improvement of a Small-Town Aduio-Visual Program, Virgil D. Moore

A brief History of Weights and Measures, Lynn Swango

The Assasination of Abraham Lincoln, Patricia Ann Tucker

Extracurricular Activities and The Rural High School, Donald Vandersnick

A Proposed Building Program for the Arthur Community Unit Districk No. 306, Jack Williams

The Role of the Teaching Principle in the Elementary School, Thurl J. Williamson

Theses/Dissertations from 1956

A Study of Some Theories in Relation to the Causes of Juvenile Delinquency, Jerry Bell

A Study of Some Theories in Relation to the Causes of Juvenile Delinquency, Jerry Bell

Intuition on Trial, Virginia Christian

Theses/Dissertations from 1955

Wabash Point, Edith J. Brotherton

Theses/Dissertations from 1953

A Young Teacher looks at His Job, David Morgan Hannah