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Sex and the Library

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March 2012


"Sex and the Library" presents three perspectives involving sex or sexuality and libraries. Ellen Corrigan discusses the image of the Librarian, from shrewish unmarried spinster to hyper-sexual "nymphomaniac" to the recent 'Men of the Stacks' male calendar fundraiser for the It Gets Better project. Todd Bruns discusses the Library As Place, focusing on strategies for making the campus safer for LGBTQA students, and presenting some projects at Eastern Illinois University's Booth Library that are supporting LGBTQA students. Kirstin Duffin presents on challenged materials, particularly those related to sex or sexuality, demonstrating that academic libraries can fill the materials gap left by public and school libraries.


This presentation is in Prezi format (for more information, go to Prezi.com). The presentation was also given, by invitation, at the 2012 Illinois Libraries Association annual conference.