Muggles, Magic and Abuse


Muggles, Magic and Abuse


Angie Hunt



Muggles the world over were captivated by the charm of Harry Potter's magical adventures, which spawned a new generation of readers and taught us lessons about everything from compassion to perseverance to the importance of standing against evil. But there's an even darker side to Harry's tale, one that, in reality, affects millions of children across the globe: abuse and neglect. Join us for a discussion on how this affected the young Potter (and the older one, too) and how the reality compares. We should probably talk about Lucius Malfoy, too.

Angie Hunt, ICDVP, is the Housing Program director for HOPE of East Central Illinois and has spent 18 years working with survivors of domestic violence and their children. Throughout those years, she has trained hundreds of individuals on the dynamics of domestic violence, as well as presenting on the state and local level. Recently, she was selected to participate in and graduated from the Illinois Coalition Against Domestic Violence Leadership Academy.

She is a member of the South Central Illinois Continuum of Care (SCICoC) Board of Directors, the SCICoC Planning and Assessment Committee, The Gender and Sexual Diversity and Sexual Violence Prevention Team at EIU, and several other boards and committees. As two of her passions are spreading awareness of abuse and all things Harry Potter, this might be her favorite presentation of all time. She also thinks people should know she usually brings candy when she presents.

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Muggles, Magic and Abuse