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Constance Young

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Spring 2022


Hair discrimination is a significant issue that has not been given adequate attention nor the proper application of legislation to combat it across the United States. It is currently disproportionally impacting minorities, especially minority women, as it is not only emotionally and mentally damaging to them, but it can lead to health issues as well. This research will further analyze what causes some states to endorse anti-hair discrimination policies as opposed to others. I believe there are many common factors amongst states that have passed laws related to this issue, and that these factors are main indicators of why other states have been hesitant to do so, seeing as though they may lack many of these similar characteristics. This will be done by gathering data on different states within the U.S-- from liberal states, to conservative states, to moderate states. Given that this is a current civil rights issue, and polarization is consistently growing in our country, the racial and political composition of each state may be two primary elements.

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