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Hannah McHugh

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In the past few years, Haiti has been a topic that has been in the news here in the United States for many reasons. These reports typically show the faces of hundreds of starving and injured Haitians who live in turmoil and they discuss the disasters that have befallen the country. While these reports do not usually show the more pleasant aspects, they are relatively accurate in showing the state of the majority of the country. A major impact on a country that is in such a dire state is the presence and availability of clean water. But to understand Haiti's current problem, it is important to be aware of their past and of facts about the country as they all have played a role for the country and its people. The Republic of Haiti is a small country to the west of the Dominican Republic and is surrounded on the remaining sides by the North Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. The country makes up a third of Hispaniola, the island that is comprised of Haiti and the Dominican Republic. (U.S. Department of State, 2011)


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