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As the capstone project for the Eastern Illinois University EDA personnel administration class, I was to conduct an in the field examination of a current issue in personnel practice that occurs today in public schools. In such case, this paper will summarize the findings from my clinical study in relation to collaborative leadership. Overall, this paper will include my conclusions drawn from my research and in the field study as well as recommendations for improvement of this aspect at my school. For this study, I used both primary and secondary sources to combine research-based ideas and philosophies with the hands-on experiences and programs implemented at the school of study. Specifically, I analyzed the works of John Dewey, Charlotte Danielson, Gerald Gutek, and Hank Rubin to form a historical perspective on collaborative leadership, analyze aspects of collaborative leadership in place at the school of study, and to provide recommendations for improving and increasing collaborative leadership at the school of study. The clinical aspect of this study took place at Cumberland High school, a small rural district in east central Illinois, for a three month period. A variety of individuals participated in this study, including administration, staff, and community members.


This paper was a recipient of the 2010 Booth Library Awards of Excellence in Student Research and Creative Activity.

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