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Countering Contingency?




The University of Hawai‘i Professional Assembly (UHPA) represents higher education faculty across the state, in a system that includes one major research university, two four-year colleges, and six community colleges. Qualification to be a member of the bargaining unit (and receive full health benefits) is 50% employment. Furthermore, the term “faculty” includes not only instructional faculty (including lecturers, who are by definition temporary, and instructors, who are longer-term but non-tenure-track), but also researchers, librarians, counselors, and others who come under the general designation of specialist. This basically means everyone working in the state’s higher education system is part of the union (UHPA) except secretarial, janitorial, grounds, and maintenance (who are represented by the local government union HGEA), and the university administration (deans and above), who are not unionised.