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Spring 2015


Georeferencing performed by Ali AkbariMoghaddam, Paul Bocian, Jason Fachie, Alexander Goldstein, Brandon Haggerty, Ryan Kermicle, Joseph Lenhardt, Ryne Robertson, Lynn Schofield, Melinda Swinford, Srikanth Vykuntapu, Alicia Waller, Jeremy Wells

The original image of Morgan’s 1682 map of London was downloaded in JPEG format from Wikimedia ( Georeferencing was accomplished in the spring of 2015 as a group project by the students of GEG 3860/5860: GIS II at Eastern Illinois University. Over 100 control points were identified by locating prominent landmarks and road intersections on both Morgan's original map and OpenStreetMap (OSM) data for modern London. These points were then merged into a single file and examined for reliability, and the 68 control points considered most reliable were retained. Georeferencing was performed in a transverse Mercator projection with central meridian 0.09 degrees west of the Greenwich meridian. The map image was then rectified to the web Mercator projection for compatibility with web mapping services.

Spatial accuracy with respect to the OSM data is estimated to be within 15-20 meters in the main portion of the map, including the area north and northwest of London Bridge and on the west side of the Thames near Buckingham Palace. Spatial error may be 50 meters or more in the southern and eastern portions and on the edges of the map.

A full-detail zoomable preview of the map can be seen here:

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