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Anorganische Chemie - Prinzpien von Struktur und Reacktivitat 5 Auflage

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June 2014


This modern textbook offers a different approach to the exciting field of inorganic chemistry than most standard textbooks. The chemistry is taught based on concepts, theories and principles structured. Explained and understood are the main principles of inorganic chemistry such as atomic structure, molecular geometry and symmetry, bond types, acid-base behavior, frequency, reactivity and thermodynamics, the framework of the learning units. The product chemistry is mainly consulted to clarify, however, goes into detail on new developments in solid-state chemistry, coordination chemistry, organometallic chemistry, non-metal chemistry and bioinorganic chemistry. Numerous recent references allow the in-depth study of specific aspects. This popular textbook published in a completely revised German edition, which was created by eight experienced high school teachers. Many new pictures and a new layout increasing the attractiveness and numerous tasks at the end of each chapter allow more independent processing of specific topics and a review of the learning success.