Exhibit Dates

This exhibit was displayed at Booth Library April 12 - August 26, 2012

About the Exhibit

The Historical Administration class partnered with Booth Library in hosting “Building Memories: Creating a Campus Community.” The exhibit was primarily located in Booth Library’s Marvin Foyer. Exhibit panels were designed to be read independently. Cases and tables that were part of the exhibit featured a connecting symbol – a blue panther paw. An introductory panel conveniently provided overall orientation to specific subjects covered in the exhibit. The exhibit continued in the Library’s Atrium – with an interactive photo element and period residence hall room vignette.

Several QR codes were part of the exhibit. Scanning these codes with a smartphone will took one to YouTube, where one could view videos on different topics in the exhibit. You can click on the link below to view the videos.


There were a variety of other ways to interact with the exhibit outside of Booth Library. Through online media including Historypin, Tumblr, and Facebook, one could learn more about the ever-changing campus that is Eastern Illinois University.

Of the millions of facts and images that could have been used to describe our campus community, care was taken to sift and organize, realign and feature. As the graduate students readied themselves to enter the professional world of museums and archives, the development of this exhibit did its part to build research and decision-making skills, develop artistic awareness, and provide a critical forum for intensive learning to take place.

Programming events in the library allowed us to serve multiple audiences in their quest for information, entertainment, and a place to express their opinions. The public events featured in the exhibit booklet were opportunities for persons to bring related topics to the table and engage in conversation with students, faculty, and community members.

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