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January 2003


Phylogenetic relationships of leafless Neotropical Angraecinae (Dendrophylax Rchb.f., Harrisella Fawc. & Rendle, Polyradicion Garay, and Campylocentrum Benth.) were estimated using combined nuclear (ITS nrDNA) and plastid (matK and trnL-F) data sets with African angraecoid taxa as outgroups. Results indicate that Harrisella, Polyradicion, and Campylocentrum filiforme (Sw.) Cogn. are embedded within Dendrophylax and should be included in Dendrophylax. This contrasts with earlier generic concepts, which have been based mainly on gross differences in floral size and various morphological autapomorphies. Based on our current sampling, Campylocentrum includes both leafy and leafless species and is sister to a broadly defined Dendrophylax.

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