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January 2009


Triphorinae represents a group of three anatomically simple genera, the structural features of which are unspecialized. The anomocytic stomatal pattern occurs in all genera; it predominates in Triphora . A foliar hypodermis, sclerenchyma, fibre bundles and stegmata are absent. The mesophyll is homogeneous. The exodermal and endodermal cells in the roots are entirely thin-walled and tilosomes are absent. However, there are anatomical modifications that appear to be unique: root hairs in Monophyllorchis are borne on velamenal buttresses and, in Psilochilus , they arise endogenously. In the root vascular system of Psilochilus , the metaxylem occurs as a circumferential band. The surfaces of stems in Triphora are tuberculate. Mycorrhizae appear to characterize the root cortices of all genera.

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