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Education Specialist (EdS)

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Harry Merigis


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The purpose of this field study was to develop a handbook that Illinois school district administrators may utilize during a teacher work stoppage. During the 1980-1981 school year, approximately 81 percent of all Illinois teachers were covered by some type of bargaining agreement. Thus, this study was deemed timely and relevant.


Even though this field study was designed for Marion County schools, it may readily be modified to serve as an objective reference for all Illinois schools. It is divided into three major sections, in addition to an introduction and a summary, to facilitate a greater perspective on teacher strike actions. These sections are: (1) Pre-strike Actions, (2) Management Activities, and (3) Post-strike Activities.

Perhaps the major item of importance is introduced in section two which deals with pre-strike activities for both the board of education and the administration. If a strike is eminent, then the administrator must have a pre-planned course of action.


The Marion County Administrator's Guide has been developed for the following purposes:

(1) To provide a frame of reference for policies to govern the program of the school during a work stoppage.

(2) To establish the parameters within which the administrators and other employees may exercise discretionary action during a strike.

(3) To gain public confidence through evidence of the Board's long-range planning and communications system in times of a strike.

(4) To aid in the resumption of amiable relations among the faculty, board, and administration at the conclusion of a strike.


Dept. of School Service Personnel

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