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Master of Science (MS)

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Giles Henderson


This thesis contains two different studies.

Chapter 1, "Infrared Emission Spectrum of the Hydroxyl Radical.", is in collaboration with Dr. Giles L. Henderson and Mr. Chun-Sheng Ko. This chapter has been submitted and accepted for publication by the Journal of Chemical Education.

In this chapter, we describe a rather novel physical chemistry experiment in which ab initio potential parameters for the OH radical are compared with those obtained from the ir emission spectrum of an oxy-acetylene welding torch.

Chapter 2, "A Preliminary Spectroscopic Study of Field-Induced Ion Movements in Flame Gases.", describes the effects of longitudinal electric fields on CH4/O2 flame system. Field induced changes in flame structure, temperature, and concentration profiles in the reaction zone, and the changes of optical properties of the flame boundary are shown in this study. Spectroscopic evidence indicates these effects are most evident under fuel rich conditions and become small for fuel lean mixtures.

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