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Educational Administration

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Education Specialist (EdS)

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Gerhard C. Matzner


This field study is written to serve as a guide for a summer enrichment program for academically talented students. The program as presented can be used in part or as a whole.

The study is presented in five chapters and appendices. The first chapter is the introduction. The second chapter is the research supporting the values of a summer enrichment program. The third chapter is the curriculum for the program and the fourth chapter is the finance needed to run the program. The fifth chapter is a conclusion. The appendices contains worksheets that can be used in the curriculum, letters to parents of children in the program, and an evaluation that could be used.

The research is based on four sources. One, a reading project designed to prevent summer learning loss by Carol M. Anderson, Doctor of Education, Nova University. The second is a study performed by Jane Lisa David for her Doctoral Dissertation. The third source is from Earnest L. Perlini in developing a schoolwide enrichment program for identified gifted students. The last source is an evaluation of a successful remedial summer program by Stephen A. Roderick.

Chapter two is the curriculum for grades one through eight. The grades are divided into three groups. One summer class is made up of students from grades one through three. The second group is made up of students from grades four and five. The last group is formed from students in grades six through eight. Each group's curriculum contains daily lesson plans and objectives. The author has written this curriculum with hopes that any teacher reading it could teach any of the groups from the lesson plans.

The third chapter is one proposal of how to finance this type of summer program. The finance report has been figured allowing for variables in the program and the amount of money a district may have available. The author feels that summer programs could be supported by the same financial system outlined in this study.

The appendix contains worksheets that can be duplicated and used in the presentation of parts of the curriculum to the students. The appendices also contain a suggested letter to parents of children in the program and an evaluation form that the parents could respond to.

The author feels this program is a viable means of providing for academically talented students within a school district and within the district's limited finances set aside for programs dealing with academically talented children.


Dept. of School Service Personnel

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