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Educational Administration

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Education Specialist (EdS)

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Donald W. Smitley


Statement of Purpose

The purpose of this field study was to develop a school effectiveness model which may be implemented at Washington Elementary School in Centralia, Illinois. In 1980 this researcher was named principal at Washington Elementary School. At the same time Centralia City Schools were entering a desegregation program which included bussing. For the first time there were more than three minority students at Washington Elementary School. More than half the students at the school are from economically disadvantaged families and achievement had been low for many years. Thus, this study was deemed timely and relevant.


Although this field study was designed for Washington Elementary School, the writer believes it may be readily modified and adapted to serve as a reference for any small school needing a more effective educational program. It is divided into 4 chapters. Chapter one gives some background information on some problems educators face in trying to effectively educate all children but especially children of the poor.

Chapter two gives additional information on Washington Elementary School further justifying the need for this study and reviews current literature on effective schooling. For organizational purposes, the literature is divided into four sections: School Learning Climate, Expectations, Strong Leadership, and Instructional Emphasis.

Chapter three presents the "School Effectiveness Model for Washington Elementary School". This chapter gives a guide for teachers to assess their attitudes and beliefs toward poor and/or minority children, clarify their expectations for the academic performance of poor and/or minority children, and identify and alter self defeating behaviors of poor and/or minority children. The model then lists practices which can be implemented to enhance classroom performance. These include practices for the classroom, the entire school, and between the home and school.

Chapter four includes the summary, conclusions, and recommendations to implement the model.


Dept. of School Service Personnel

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