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Education Specialist (EdS)

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Gerhard C. Matzner


The obligation to provide a free appropriate education to all children regardless of their physical or mental capabilities resides with those officials responsible for administering the education program. This study was done to write a special education handbook for parents of handicapped children. The handbook will be used to inform parents about special education programs and explain how parents can be involved in the educational process. There is a definite need for an introduction process for parents. Previously in Unit District No. 20, information was mailed to parents or sent home by the child. The handbook will provide a tool for parents to gain a better understanding of the operation of the special education programs in Unit District No. 20.

The study begins with an Introduction Manual which will be given to the parents after their child has been referred for a comprehensive evaluation. Next, the study provides a Parent Guide which explains the special education program and the rules and regulations. The Parent Guide will be presented to the parents at the placement conference. The study concludes with an Idea Handbook for Reinforcing Basic Skills at Home. Thus, the parents will be able to become involved as a partner in the educational process.

It is recommended that revisions to the handbook be made by the director and supervisor of the Special Education Department whenever necessary. Also, the school calendar in Appendix B should be updated each year. Keeping the information current will insure that parents have an effective tool to utilize. Thus, the handbook can be used as a reference when parents have questions or concerns.


Dept. of School Service Personnel

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