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Education Specialist (EdS)

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Educational Administration

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Gerhard C. Matzner


In 1947, a large number of very small school districts surrounded Oakland, Illinois each with its own school board. In 1948, Oakland and all or parts of these 16 districts were consolidated by the vote of the people into a single school district as permitted by State Law (1948) thus forming Oakland Community School District No. 5.

Three attendance centers, the Oakland Elementary School; the Hindsboro Elementary School; and Oakland High School were operated from 1959 until 1968.

A new Elementary attendance center was completed in 1968, and the old attendance centers in Oakland and Hindsboro were closed.

The new Lake Crest Elementary School located in Oakland, Illinois houses grades Kindergarten through Eighth Grade. At present, Lake Crest Elementary School serves 350 students with twenty-seven faculty members.

The purpose of this study is to develop a student-parent handbook which will be used to inform all students, enrolled at Lake Crest School, what is expected of them. The handbook previously used by the students and parents was merely an overview of the rules and regulations and was definitely lacking in detail and explanation.

There has been a definite need for clarification of rules and regulations and the organization of these materials in such a form that they will be readily accessible when needed. By having all the information condensed into a handbook, the students and parents can better utilize the information and acquire a better understanding of the total operation of the school.

Also, there are many students who move into the district from neighboring communities as well as from other states. Many times the methods of operating Lake Crest School are quite different from those that incoming transfer students have grown accustomed to at the schools they have attended in the past. Hopefully, this new handbook will allow all students and parents to understand the way Lake Crest Elementary School will operate and what type of behavior the student is expected to demonstrate.

It is recommended that revisions of the student-parent handbook be made annually and updated when necessary. Staff members, students, and parents will be encouraged to submit recommendations for consideration and inclusion in the handbook. Revisions will be made under the supervision and direction of the Administration. A constant review will insure the effectiveness of the handbook and make it a valuable instrument for both students and parents of Lake Crest Elementary School.

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