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Education Specialist (EdS)

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Educational Administration

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David E. Bartz


The purpose of this study was to devise an emergency preparedness plan handbook for the Blue Ridge School District #18, Farmer City, Illinois. The handbook was designed to aid the school administration and staff by defining definite administrative action in carrying out the steps necessary to protect students and staff in the event of an emergency situation. A data base was formed from several sources. Information was received through a review of the literature; a review of organizational materials; a review of information from school districts through a questionnaire; interviews with individuals from professional agencies; and a review of school districts emergency manuals.

This study revealed that all 11 school districts bordering the 10 mile zone around the Clinton Nuclear Power Plan have a need for a comprehensive emergency preparedness plan.

The Emergency Preparedness Plan Handbook for the Blue Ridge School District #18 is designed to serve as a base for a coordinated district wide emergency plan for district administrators who are unfamiliar with the decisions they may have to make in the event of emergency situation. The handbook contains important procedures for administration to follow when a crisis situation develops and decisions made are of critical importance for the safety of the students and staff. While this handbook is prepared for use by the Blue Ridge School District, the information is readily adaptable as a base upon which any school district may develop a handbook for dealing with emergency situations.

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