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Education Specialist (EdS)

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Educational Psychology and Guidance

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Paul D. Overton


The process described is a program level response to institutional-wide budgetary restraints. The program in question is a two-year engineering technology associate degree program (Microprecision Technology). The major focus deals with:

1. reducing unit cost

2. improving marketability (recruiting)

3. improving transferability (as it relates to recruiting

The reductions in cost center around the ratio of contact hours to credit hours in the specialty courses as well as a reduction in the number of such courses. Issues dealing with marketability are directly related to the unique nature of the program and the difficulties involved in the public presentation of such a program. Increasing the transferability of this “nontransfer” program is seen as a method of focusing the attention of the growing number of entering students who wish to keep the transfer option open to them.

The above mentioned concerns necessitated the curriculum revisions described and included in this document.

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