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Master of Science (MS)

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Educational Administration

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Larry Janes


This work contains a study of the administrative agent's role of the Regional Superintendent of Schools in Illinois. The fifty-seven Educational Service Regions (E.S.R.s) in Illinois were surveyed to determine the number of superintendents acting as an administrative agent for a program, the educational experience possessed by each superintendent, the types of services being offered, the total number of dollars that become the responsibility of the administrative agent, the total number of jobs created, the governance structure, and the benefits and detriments of the role as reported by the superintendents. The data gathered by the survey was tabulated and analyzed using descriptive statistics in the form of totals, frequencies, percentages, and means. The results and conclusions of this study indicate the importance of the administrative agent's role and lead to the recommendations to expand and publicize the arrangements. In addition, the need to insure stable funding in order to maintain adequate staff is recommended. Fifty-three of the fifty-seven superintendents responded to the survey.

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