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In the late 90's hip-hop started as a form of encouragement and empowerment for black people who struggled when growing up. Hip Hop gave black people a voice, where their opinions and challenges could be heard throughout the world. Today the genre of Hip-hop music has developed into a negative image that degrades women and negatively influences the younger black community. Think about some of the hip-hop music at the top of the charts; the songs that disrespect woman, and contains far too much explicit content that it has society desensitized. The pervasiveness of today' s hip-hop has soaked into society's head that it's ok for hip-hop music to be portrayed this way while the executive producers behind the hip-hop industry are making billions by exploiting music they know people have become accustomed to. But the question is; why do artist/men in hip-hop feel they need to disrespect women and rap about inappropriate material in order to have power in the hip-hop industry?

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